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So I published Podcast Ep 25 and things are still going well.


I published Episode 25 of my podcast today. It has been a marvellous journey connecting with people who are trying to make magic in the world. In this podcast episode, I interviewed Claire Buré from MaRS Solutions Lab. MaRs Solutions Lab is a public and social innovation lab that helps to solve complex social and economic challenges. The lab brings together stakeholders from across society to help solve these problems collaboratively. They help governments to modernize their policies, to find new insights and work collaboratively, in order to equip people and organizations with tools and techniques to create change.

There are many things I love about this podcast, but most of all it is a reflection of a group of citizens living their boldness. This group is taking on some of the worlds move hairy and complex challenges and they are working towards generating solutions to these problems.

We live in an incredibly complex world and there are a group of people who are developing a process called Labs. Labs are an approach to solving complex public challenges. These labs are taking an intentional approach to addressing societies most complex challenges. I have interviewed a number of people who fall into the category of working in the labs.

Claire Buré is a social scientist specializing in user research and process design. She loves bringing diverse groups of people together to uncover challenges and build solutions for concrete outcomes. Claire has conducted research with the International Development Research Centre and has consulted for the InfoDev World Bank program, the Open Data Barometer, and EDGE Lab at Ryerson University. Claire’s social entrepreneurial experience includes co-founding Commons11, and co-starting a Chilean business, both of which created user-driven technology solutions for human development.

This podcast was recorded over Skype. Both speakers were in different locations.

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