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Ep. 23: How a group of students is transforming lives in some of the harshest conditions on the planet. A conversation with Stefany Nieto

Keita Demming Mar 19 2017

Ep. 22: What if I told you 'walkabilty' was a disruptive concept? A conversation with Jeff Speck.

Keita Demming Mar 12 2017

Ep. 21: Build an oragnizations that others cannot duplicate. A conversation with Dhani Oks

Keita Demming Mar 5 2017

Ep. 20: How can we disrupt a culture of punishment? A conversation with Piper Anderson

Keita Demming Feb 26 2017

Ep. 19: Generate disruption by being action biased. A conversation with Steve Garguilo

Keita Demming Feb 19 2017